It all began with a vision...

Team Market Group, founded in 2005 by brothers Keith and Romi Mawardi, is a leading hospitality company that develops and operates many of the most successful entertainment venues in Florida. 


The company has built a firm reputation as being influential in the hospitality industry, specializing in marketing, operations, and entertainment. The goal of Team Market Group is to turn its businesses into a multi-faceted and recognized brand name among the marketplace. TMG develops, designs, and curates each one of its brands in-house.

Team Marketing Group’s portfolio is constantly growing. The company is responsible for creating brands such as Tier Nightclub, Ono Nightclub, Celine Orlando, The Wellborn Boutique Hotel, The Robinson Cocktail Room, & Mathers Social Gathering.

Team Market Group successfully targets an avenue of opportunities and continues to expand in an ever-changing hospitality industry while firmly still maintaining its core: TOGETHER EVERYONE ACHIEVES MORE.


Managed by Team Management Group, LLC